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Personal Interests and Hobbies of Mark Erney

Picture of Mark Erney owner of Satellite Communications East in Annai, Guyana 2013
Mark Erney - Guyana, South America 2013

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Telephone: 1-757-746-9803 USA         Email Address: markerney@verizon.net

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Personal Feelings

I truly believe the world can live together in peace and harmony if we really try. I want war around the world to stop. It's time to live in peace, stop fighting, and help each other. I truly believe my occupation is contributing to world peace because it's bringing all of us closer together by allowing us to understand each other's cultures through better communications. I love my job because the travel has allowed me to meet so many wonderful and kind people all around the world. I have found that most people really want the same thing. A happy life and the ability to provide as best as they can for their family and friends. I have those same interests. Thank you to all of my friends I have met that read this. Thank you for the hospitality and generosity you showed me. I miss you all, and I think of you very often. I respect all people and feel everyone should be treated equally as a person. Race, color, or creed mean nothing to me. What matters to me in a person, is what is in their heart and soul. I believe in preserving culture, but we have to respect younger and older generations. Never close your mind to any idea. People questioning other people's ideas and beliefs are why we have the awesome technology we have today. I believe that "anything" you can imagine can be conceived "sooner or later". Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for another 100 years, but sooner or later it will be conceived. Mark Erney




Favorite Quote #1:

"A man who knows everything, has a lot to learn."

Favorite Quote #2:

"If you can imagine it, it can be conceived."

Favorite Quote #3:

"Patience is the virtue of a wise man."

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