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Work Schedule for Satellite Dish Technician Mark Erney

Picture of Mark Erney in Annai, Guyana 2013
Mark Erney - Guyana, South America 2013

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Telephone: 1-757-746-9803 USA         Email Address: markerney@verizon.net

Find out what Mark Erney's work schedule is below. Last Update: August, 2018

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Work schedule for large satellite earth station, stage hand, and vsat dish technician Mark Erney

Current Status

Mark Erney is currently available for immediate dispatch. Our work schedule is 100% OPEN right now, and Mark Erney has no large satellite projects pending. I'm a very hard worker, excellent technician, and have over 32 years experience in the satellite communications industry. I'm single, have no children, and married to my work. When I get focused on your large satellite earth station, vsat dish installation or removal project, that's where my focus stays until it's completed. I really love the work I do with satellite earth station and vsat dish systems. Nobody is as maticulous about satellite dish installation or removal as me. Please contact me if you feel there may be work you have that we can fulfill. Please surf around our web site a little and take a moment to review our work. I can almost guarantee you will find something fun or interesting. Mark Erney

If you need somebody loyal, professional, and trustworthy, please contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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