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Removal At NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Colorado

This is a 9 meter Andrew earth station we removed from the NORAD facility on Cheyenne mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I really have to say that this was one of my favorite jobs. The guys (military) at NORAD are the best I have ever worked with. These guys don't mess around. When something needed to be done, they were right there, on the spot, skippy. I can understand why the government put together such an excellent working team. They really know how to get things done! This installation went very smoothly even though the antenna was very close to another important antenna still in use. With the help of NORAD personnel (off duty) the antenna came apart very quickly, and despite the severe windy conditions on the mountain, we successfully removed all equipment without any damage or injury. I would call this one a text book job and I have to give the NORAD team part of the credit. They made it very easy for me to get my job done, and cleared the way for me without any security or safety risks. I really look forward to working with these guys again. I was impressed with their efficiency and courtesy!

NORAD Removal Picture 1

NORAD Removal Picture 2

NORAD Removal Picture 3

NORAD Removal Picture 4

NORAD Removal Picture 5

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