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2.4 Meter Prodelin Tall Pole Mount In Honduras

This is a 2.4 meter Prodelin transmit/receive system we installed for a manufacturing company in Honduras. This job was a little tricky due to the height of the pole and how far the pole was set out from the building. With the help of their "excellent" maintenance supervisor (Rene Vega) and their accountant (Cesar Beltrand), we were able to successfully complete the installation with no damage or injury. We had a lot of trouble with the small lift truck we were using on this installation. Other than the problem with rental equipment, this job went very smoothly. This system transmits and receives data and voice, to and from it's sister plant in the USA. I really enjoyed working in Honduras. The staff at the plant was very nice, and the people I met in the general public were also very nice and friendly. I look forward to working in Honduras again.

Honduras Picture 1

Honduras Picture 2

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