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7 Meter Antenna Removal Fort Monmouth, New Jersey

This is a 7 meter antenna we removed from Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. This job went very nicely and is a great example of what I call a "clean sweep". The site was returned to almost it's original condition. Foundation, fencing, and all conduits, cables, and shelter were removed. I was really pleased to snap this second picture of the back hoe sitting on top of what use to be a major antenna site. I think everybody involved in this project was very pleased with this removal. It is very costly to do a "clean sweep", but that is what was agreed to in the contract the government had on this antenna, so that is what had to be done. Most clients like to leave the $30,000 (average cost) concrete foundation, in case they ever want to place another antenna or building on it. I highly recommend that most clients keep their foundation unless there are already building plans for the location (like there was in this case). Waste not, want not, is my theory.

Picture Of 7 Meter Antenna Removal Before

Picture Of 7 Meter Antenna Removal After

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