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The Island Of San Salvador Bahamas

These are pictures taken while working on the beautiful and relaxing island of San Salvador in the Bahamas. This is my favorite island to date. A nice clean breeze blows over the island almost everyday keeping the temperature perfect almost year round. The island has a population of approximately 1200 people and everyone knows each other and waves as you pass by them. I have never met more friendly people anywhere else in the world! The people on San Salvador really make you feel right at home. There are only two hotels to stay at on the whole island (Club Med and Riding Rock). The island is not commercialized and has kept it's wonderful beauty. There are only a handful of places to eat but they are all excellent. San Salvador is home to the oldest working wick burning hand cranked light house in the world! It is also home of the 1492 landing spot for Christopher Columbus which is shown in the pictures. The first picture is of drummers at the airport greeting a plane load of travel agents. The second picture is of technician Steve Spivey standing beside the 1492 Columbus landing spot plaque. The third picture is of technician Mark Erney standing in front of the big lizard statue in the town center. The fourth and fifth pictures are of the ride around the island to the light house. The sixth picture is of a quick stop at the lake picturing technicians Steve Spivey and Hotdog Peterson. The seventh picture is Steve Spivey and Hotdog Peterson shooting pool at the Ivory Coast Bar and Resturant (one of the only and best places to eat or drink). The eighth picture is of our good friend Marco (one of the bar's owners) serving drinks at the bar at Ivory Coast. The ninth picture is of Carters Snack Bar which is where we ate lunch almost every day. The tenth and eleventh pictures are views from our hotel room at The Riding Rock Hotel which is a favorite of divers world wide. The last picture is of the beautiful sunset on San Salvador. If you want to visit the perfect island then this is it! Once you get there you just won't want to leave. I love San Salvador and miss it every day.

San Salvador Island Picture 1

San Salvador Island Picture 2

San Salvador Island Picture 3

San Salvador Island Picture 4

San Salvador Island Picture 5

San Salvador Island Picture 6

San Salvador Island Picture 7

San Salvador Island Picture 8

San Salvador Island Picture 9

San Salvador Island Picture 10

San Salvador Island Picture 11

San Salvador Island Picture 12

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