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Laser Light Show System 1986

These are pictures of a laser light show projector and control panel built by Mark Erney back in 1986. This was the first of two laser systems I built and then sold to night clubs in the local area of Tidewater Virginia. It was great fun, and a great educational experience for learning basic electronics and circuits. I actually built the whole thing from scratch. The only assembled components I purchased was the power supplies and lasers. I used two 5 milliwatt HeNe lasers. I purchased one new from Hughes Laser Systems, and I purchased the second one surplus. I built the cabinets, control panel, quick connect cables, timing circuit boards, wiring, laser mounts, mirror mounts, and special effects mechanisms. The laser systems sold for what I had invested in them, but I still enjoyed the year it took to build them in my spare time. I would like to build another one in the near future, but lasers can be a very expensive hobby depending on how far you carry it. If I could afford it, I would love to have a 10 watt krypton laser, but for now I will keep dreaming about it. I built this system when I was 24 years old with no knowledge of ever doing it before, and with minimal financial or technical resources. If you can imagine it, it can be conceived! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Laser System Picture 1

Laser System Picture 2

Laser System Picture 3

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