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Iggy The Iguana Mascot

Picture Of Iggy The Mascot Iguana From Cuba

This is a picture of "Iggy" the iguana mascot we had while working on GTMO, Cuba. This is a really cool iguana. I had never seen an iguana jump before I saw this one. This guy can actually jump about a foot off of the ground if you hold a carrot above his nose. We discovered it when we were trying to get him to sit up like a dog. He really surprised us by taking a big leap for the carrot. He would always run up to us as we arrived on the job site. He loves carrots and grapes, and will chase you around if he is really hungry. He will sit beside you while you are working, and really not bother you "most" of the time. Iggy is one of my all time favorite animals. Iguanas are pretty cool, but don't let this friendly guy make you think they are all this tame. Some iguanas can be very aggressive and dangerous. The more we fed him, the more aggressive he seemed to get. So we stopped feeding him frequently unless it was really hot and we knew it helped him. I love to see them in the wild, but I do not like to see them as pets, or in captivity. I wish for Iggy to have a long, healthy, natural life.

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